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General Questions

What is included with ePatch™ Direct?

ePatch Direct brings together an Extended Wear Holter device and patient monitoring service that includes clinical analysis with a patient report in one convenient kit:
– BioTel Heart® ePatch™ Extended Wear Holter sensor
– Two patches
– Patient Prep Kit
– Patient Education Guide
– Patch Placement Template
– Patient Diary
– Pre-Paid Return Mailer for Patient Kit Return
– Clinical Analysis and Report.

How long can I keep ePatch Direct on my shelf?

The battery life lasts approximately 1 year. Once the expiration date has expired, the kit is no longer viable and a new one will need to be ordered.

How much does ePatch Direct cost?

A single kit costs $225. Bundle pack of 5 costs $999.

What forms of payment are supported to purchase ePatch Direct?

Credit card payment is currently the only form of payment accepted.

I pre-ordered ePatch Direct kit(s), when will my kit arrive?

Pre-ordered kits will begin to ship in December 2020 via UPS 2-day shipping.

How long will it take my ePatch Direct kit(s) to arrive?

Most orders are shipped within 24 hours of payment via UPS 2-day shipping.

How do my patients return the ePatch Extended Wear Holter sensor?

There is a pre-paid USPS envelope included with for patients to return the sensor.

Can I reuse the same ePatch Direct kit on a new patient?

No, the ePatch Direct kit is designed to be a single use per patient.

How do I reorder a new ePatch Direct kit?

Visit shop.gobio.com and order more kits.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free.

Can I customize the shipment of ePatch Direct to go directly to a patient?

It is recommended that patients are enrolled and hooked-up in the office.

If I don’t use my ePatch Direct kit, can I use the ePatch Extended Wear Holter sensor and patch provided for any other service?

No, this is not transferrable.
ePatch is proprietary to BioTel Heart

What happens if my patient has a question on service?

We have customer support available for patient support and questions: Mon-Fri 8am - 8:30pm EST; Sat-Sun 8am - 4:30pm EST
Patients can order additional supplies through customer support as well.

What happens if I enroll a patient and the patient decides not to wear the ePatch Extended Wear Holter?

If you have enrolled a patient and the patient hasn’t worn it, contact BioTel Heart at 1-877-593-6421 to cancel enrollment.
If a patient has worn the patch, has removed and will not put it back on, encourage your patient to return the kit so a report can be created on the data captured.

What are the key features of the ePatch Extended Wear Holter?

Water resistant
Continuous recording for up to 7 days
Comfortable patch, no lead wires
Extra patch provided in the event a patch replacement is needed
Live customer support and online “how-to” video

What happens if I want to use the kit and it is expired?

You will need to order a new kit.

What information do I receive in the ePatch Direct report?

You will receive the same report data included in our standard ePatch report.

How long will it take for the report to be posted once a patient returns the Extended Wear Holter?

Reports are posted after the sensor is received back from the patient and data is uploaded at BioTel Heart.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. If you have any issues with your device, please contact us at 1-877-593-6421.

Enrolling a Patient and Viewing Reports